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My leaves are made in many shapes and sizes.  Some are decorated in copper as this one is, and some are in brown tones with spots to look like they are dry and rotted.

Midnight Ritual

My second book deals with the pain in life with a bit of fantasy.  It has made people cry.  There are no sex scenes, so this one is safe if you passed on Soul Search. 

Three Bowls

Everyone loves these colorful bowls in three popular sizes; large flat pasta bowl, upright serving bowl, and a smaller soup or serving bowl.  They can be ordered in any color.

Large Display or Serving Bowl

This beautiful scalloped bowl can be made in any color, but copper with turquoise and white glaze running down the sides is the most popular.  It is 13" in diameter x 5" tall.

Soul Search

My first book is a fantasy with lots of sex, adventure, and time travel.  It's a fun read, but if you are offended by explicit sex, then pass on this one!